Other classes/Meditation


Please check back for future meditation gatherings.


Meditation is a practice that can increase self-awareness, attention and concentration, reduce stress responses and help to increase feelings of peacefulness and well-being throughout the day.  As we approach this seasonal shift toward longer nights than days, turning inward is our natural response to the changes occurring with Mother Earth.

In this 2 part series, through discussion and practice, we will explore several different meditation approaches, including sitting meditation, walking meditation, mantra meditation (including the use of mala and/or rosary beads) breathing techniques, progressive relaxation, mindfulness, Trakata (candle gazing) Vispassana, Seven Masters One Path meditation and Insight meditation.

Please bring a cushion and/or yoga mat.  Bring mala beads or a rosary.  Please wear comfortable non-constricting clothing and bring a sweater or wrap to use if needed for warmth.  You may also want to bring a journal and writing instrument.

Please contact Barbara with any questions: