About Barbara


My name is Barbara and I’d like to tell you a little more about myself. Ever since I can remember, I have been a healer. As a child, I played an integral part in caring for my younger sister and my animals, and as an adolescent, I volunteered as a candy striper.

As a pre-adult, I worked as a nursing assistant, and I then became a registered nurse. During my nursing career, I became a massage therapist and energy worker, sharing this healing in a wide variety of settings, including salons, hospitals, colleges, and retreats. I continue to enjoy bridging the historically separate worlds of Western medicine and massage & energy work, working as a Family Nurse Practitioner in an employee work-site clinic as well as in my massage and energy work practice.

I began my massage therapy practice in 1993, and my experiences as a massage therapist and energy worker are some of the most rewarding healing work I have done! I enjoy the physical and energetic differences I see in people before and after a session. Facial lines eased, shoulders more relaxed, lightness in step, a more relaxed speech cadence and clearer thought—these are just a few of the ways I see immediate differences in my clients before and after a session.

I have helped transition people from the busyness of stressful days into a more relaxed approach, assisted people in healing from physical wounds and ailments, and been a conduit for re-aligning energy fields in order to create a better healing environment and increased mental, physical and general well-being.

I look forward to helping put your body and mind at ease. Please visit my services page for more information and to book your next appointment.